Víza do Nigeria | Vízová služba v Praze

In order to obtain the visa for Nigeria for you, we need these completed documents:

  • Valid passport (needs to be valid for at least 6 more months after your return date and needs to have 2 empty pages)
  • Visa application form, completed online (once the form has been completed, payment of the consular fee is required per credit card. The card has to bear the name of the person applying.) The “Payment Receipt” and “Acknowledgement Slip” need to be attached to the documents.
  • 2 recent passport photos 3,5 x 4,5 cm (in colour and with a bright background)
  • 1 copy of return plane ticket
  • Yellow fever vaccination
  • Invitation letter by the inviting person / hotel / company (private persons need to include copy of passport)
  • 1 copy of your residence permit (for people WITHOUT Swiss or Liechtensteiner passport)
  • stamps for CHF 6.00.- (please, don’t paste them on the envelope)
  • completed contract form for bornpower gmbh

* We would be happy to fill in the application form for you. Please, contact us 24/7 at +41 41 410 61 61

Processing time for the visa

  • 10 days after the receipt of the passport

Important information about the visa

  • IMPORTANT: When applying for the first time for the visa, the applicant needs to go to the embassy in Bern for an interview. We organize the appointment for you.
  • When applying for a business visa, a letter from the Swiss company sending you is required (description of the purpose of the trip)
  • A yellow fever vaccination (not older than 10 years) is required.


Fees per visa:


Visa Price CHF
Tourism & Business

Consular fee

Processing fee

Our fee


1 entry

Per credit card

30. –

60. –

90. –

multiple entries

Per credit card

30. –

80. –

110. –


For filling in the online visa application form, we add a fee of CHF 30. -.


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